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Learn More About our Dental Procedures

We work on many types of animals at Refinery Road Veterinary Clinic. We see dogs and cats every day, but we also will see different animals for certain procedures and examinations! Please feel free to call our clinic at 940-665-4478 to see if we can work on your pet. We do:

  • Bloodwork including: Canine heartworm test, Feline leukemia test, pre operative blood work, 

    CBC and Chemistry profiles on sick animals, diabetes testing, blood pregnancy testing on cattle and more!

  • Dentistry
  • Routine Surgeries (spays, neuters and more!)
  • Other surgeries including but not limited to: surgical repair on fractured and broken bones, cruciate ligament repair, c-section, repair of lacerations, and many more!
  • Vaccinations and examinations
  • Radiology
  • Nutritional Counseling including prescription diets
  • Blood transfusions
  • Boarding
  • and more

We also work on large animals including cattle and horses:

  •     Palpation pregnancy exams on cattle and horses                                 
  •     Vaccinations and worming 
  •     Hoof trims   
  •     United States health certificates
  •     Fertility and trichomonas testing on bulls
  •     Brucellosis and tuberculosis testing
  •     We work on bucking stock!
  •     and more

    We will work on a variety of other pets. Please call to see if we can work on your type of pet!

  •     Goats and sheep
  •     Birds (trim beak, nails, and wings)
  •     Small animals (hamsters, rats, rabbits, etc.)

We offer after-hours emergency services for our current clients. Please call our clinic 940-665-4478 and our answering service will page a veterinarian on call to help with your emergency.